The Team



22-year-old Appendix Quarter Horse

Cowboy is a gentle giant who has been with me for Eleven years.  He is reliable, trustworthy and very kind.  Cowboy  has spent most of his time with Jules as a Western Pleasure Riding horse who introduced both her kids to the joys of riding and spent a lot of time in the hills.  It is important to Cowboy to have a job and he is a fabulous lesson horse who reads his riders well.  He also loves connecting with human partners on a journey to Self Discovery through Equine Facilitated Wellness sessions.   This boy is well rounded!  He loves having a job and will be quite happy to partner up with clients and share his years of wisdom!


IMG_4122          Chip and Jess

11-year-old Quarter Horse

Chip is full of personality!  He is a bit mischievous and always looking for something to do to keep from getting bored: he is happy being rode lots in the mountains and has even roped a steer for fun! He is quite competitive so although he rode on a drill team for a couple years, he decided he didn’t like anyone ahead of him and prefers the hills, chasing cattle or learning new reining moves!!!   He has great leadership qualities and isn’t afraid to stand up for himself within the herd.  Chip is a sensitive Gelding who truly loves people with whom he is extra social and very affectionate.  BTW: Be careful if you tie him up, he is highly skilled at untying himself (& other Equines!!)


22-year-old Quarter Horse

AKA “Angel Boy” is the herd leader and a good one at that! He manages his herd in a non-intrusive way, but is very clear about his boundaries and wont be pushed around. Ben is very loving and watches out for the people around him. He is dependable, can be trusted, and will take care those he cares for! 





Maggie, or as she is affectionately called: Maggie-Mae, came to join RFE in June 2016.  She is a 20 year old grade quarter horse who never acts her age! Maggie is a fantastic lesson horse and has proven herself to be great with kids and very trustworthy!  She has worked at a Kids Camp in Bragg Creek,  was a drill horse for a year, and has put a number of miles on in the mountains! She is an irreplaceable team member!


IMG_6788]        R

Could he BE any more handsome?? Rosco is an 8 year old Quarter Horse- Percheron Cross and has a very unique personality. Rosco will do just about anything for his rider with whom he puts a great deal of trust!   This boy is true to his Draft breed – he is strong and courageous! He also loves to chew on lead ropes which he has discovered help with his anxiety or boredom… Rosco has spent lots of time being rode in the mountains,  was a member of the Wild Rose Riders Drill Team for 1.5 years and has even roped a cow or two! We are so fortunate to have him!


IMG_4065(1)        FullSizeRender(1)

This  12 Year Old Grade Quarter Horse  comes with lots of personality!  Shylo is full of personality! He is always needing something to do, so you will often find him getting into mischief or trying to play.  This guy LOVES people and is so happy when someone is paying him attention!  Shylo needs a special kind of person to partner with him for EFW sessions – someone who doesn’t mind his expressive personality and appreciates his humor for sure! He will definitely make  his rider prove themselves worthy of his respect so he has a lot to teach new riders.

We are so glad Shylo found his way to our Ranch!

” Chief”

  IMG_8768        IMG_7195(1)                                                    

Chief is another Grade Palamino Quarter Horse like Shylo.  He is 8 years young and came to join the team in May 2018.  He has such a lovely disposition and really likes people!   Chief is not super confident but as you can see from the above picture (he walked right into a group of kids!), he seems to want to do this work.   He is a great example of showing courage and facing fears to get to the treasure!  This beautiful boy has some really amazing connections to be made!


IMG_7656   IMG_6875

This 18 year old Registered Quarter Horse Mare is just lovely! She is as gentle as they come and will do just about anything for people.  Bailey may lead you to think she doesn’t let anything bother her, but she is a great example of how easy it is keep our emotions hidden. She is really good at not expressing her concerns in obvious ways, so its really important for Jules to ensure she isn’t overworked, unhappy or stressed out.  (Jules knows her eyes give her away!)  Bailey is a great Equine Facilitated Wellness horse and also does well with riding lessons – just don’t ask her to go near a barrel…  her career as a barrel horse is over!! lol

We are so very excited to be welcoming her back to the team September 2018!



15-year-old Miniature donkey

Elvis adores human attention, but as with most donkeys, you will be hard pressed to make him do anything he doesn’t want to!  He is known to tolerate the younger generations climbing all over him at any given moment.




15-year-old Miniature Donkey

Magnum is Elvis’s half-brother and shares some personality traits.  The most obvious being is he won’t do anything he is not good and ready to!  He is a gentle and patient little guy with a heart of gold.



“Ziva and Zoe”

Our K9 members of the family! These two wonderful German Shepards are definitely full of personality! Zoe loves a lot of attention and Ziva loves to play fetch! …or chase – your call!  They are both loyal and loving and always happy to meet new people!



Last but certainly not least… Meet my leaders and my helpers!

IMG_6130  IMG_6310   IMG_9120(1)  fullsizerender3.jpg

IMG_6814  IMG_6916  FullSizeRender(2)

I have been so fortunate to have some fabulous Teen Leaders to help out with Camps/Workshops!  Autumn, Emma, Sophie, Belle & Alexandra (Alex) have been such an important and valued asset to team RFE! These gals know how to work hard!  They all bring something unique to the team: Belle and Emma have a wealth of Equine knowledge and seem to be naturals when working with kids.  Autumn has been a family friend her entire life and is so comfortable with both horses and kids alike!  Alex is a family member and travels from BC every summer to come spend time with the crew and puts her heart into it daily!  My two children: Kenton & Jayna know my horses as well as I do and have shown some strong leadership qualities that grow yearly. They love to engage with the kids and make new friends while helping out with the herd!  Can’t wait for you to meet everyone!