Packages & Pricing


One on One Sessions – This is a great opportunity for you or your child to connect with a horse with the intention of discovering more about yourself and growing on an emotional level.  A personal session can help you see some of the things that are hindering your growth/development and help see where you might be “stuck”.  Perhaps you struggle with Anxiety – Horses offer us a wonderful opportunity to address this:  they provide the treasure worth facing the fear, thereby providing opportunities to practice facing fears, grow more confident in ourselves and and learn to self-regulate.   Perhaps you simply wish to practice/learn some relaxation strategies, take a load off and experience a sense of peace and solace. You would be amazed at how relaxing simply grooming a horse can be! Maybe you have had a recent traumatic experience or suffered a loss and wish to work towards healing.  Horses are  also a great help when it comes to depression – did you know that time with animals increases endorphins and decreases stress?  Maybe you have a teen who is disconnected or struggling and refusing to attend counselling?  At times traditional therapy is no longer an option: maybe it hasn’t been successful, or perhaps you don’t feel comfortable telling a stranger about your very personal situation – Horses can help!  They offer a safe alternative and an indirect approach to dealing with some of these things.  Maybe you’re looking to grow your leadership skills or increase your self-confidence and help you feel a sense of empowerment.  There are so many ways in which Equine Facilitated Wellness is able to grow us on an emotional level.

Rates: $110/session (session length is approx. 1.5 hours)


Group Sessions

This is a great way to include social interaction with your Equine Wellness Session.  Numerous themes can be broached here including: Leadership, Self- Esteem, Boundaries,  Empathy, Non-verbal Communication, Anxiety and strengthening relationships

Rates: dependent on duration and size of group



Emotional Wellness Workshops

This is opportunity to spend some time with horses in a way that will  not only increase  horsemanship abilities and knowledge, but grow you or your child on a personal level as well! Workshops are designed to partner people with horses and engage in various activities that will serve to grow emotional Wellness by helping boost Self Esteem, Confidence increase Leadership abilities as well as provide opportunities to learn about Non-Verbal Communication, Trust, Boundaries or Empathy.  Horses provide an excellent opportunity to learn and practice Coping/Self-Regultaion in dealing with things such as Anxiety. They have an innate capacity to sense our Emotions beneath the surface that we have not yet felt and bring them to the surface which provides an opportunity to find our feelings, seek Rest and create a Safe Place to express ourselves.

RFE also offers more specific workshops such as our current Anxiety Workshop.  Watch for future Workshops including: Adults and Anxiety,  Mother- Daughter Mother’s Day and a Womens Workshop in the New Year!

IMG_6916     IMG_7195  love


Riding Lessons

RFE is pleased to offer Introduction to Western Pleasure Riding Lessons.  Our approach isn’t what you may expect: Jules loves to find exercises and activities that grow trust – in oneself, in a horse partner and in Jules as a coach.  Activities that promote balance, creativity and problem solving also serve to increase confidence – when it’s fun, we see anxiety start to decrease and motivation escalate!  Jules is happy to offer lessons to those with Mental health Struggles and who need a learning environment that is condusive to working with this.  Her background and experience in the Mental Health Realm put her in a position of better understanding and flexibility to cater lessons around the students needs and abilities.

Rates: $50/Private lesson and $35/Semi-private


12 thoughts on “Packages & Pricing

  1. Hi Jules!
    So I have a 19 year son, who is having a hard time facing life after high school. I think connecting with horses is just what he needs. We used to have a farm just south of Sundre and I grew up with the love , comfort and the responsibility of caring for our small troop of 6 horses. Unfortunately we sold the farm when my son was a baby so he never had a chance to learn those valuable skills.
    I would love to get him into a program where he not only learns about horses but to take care of them as well. Develop his confidence and believe in himself. I wouldn’t mind reconnecting myself.
    I only have Sunday and Mondays off where I would be able to take him there since we live in Canmore.
    Do you have any thoughts???


    1. Hi Jodi
      More then happy to co ordinate a session with you and/or your son! Give me a phone call or fire me a text and let’s set something up – I’m so happy to help! Sounds like your son could really benefit from some time outdoors with a horse that he can connect with and learn about himself at such a crucial and pivotal time in his life


  2. Hi Jodi,

    Just wondering if you are doing or will be doing a Equine Wellness Divorce Care Group. If so can you please provide me with details. Thanks


    1. Hi there
      It’s Jules not Jodi, but irregardless, I would love to try another divorce care group I’m just not sure when that will be. Currently I’m running a kids workshop and some groups with the schools. My hope is for a mother/daughter weekend in spring and then look into summer and fall for some new themes. It’s good to know the interest is there as I can cater my sessions towards this! Pls keep your eye out!


  3. Hi Jules,

    My daughter Renae is very interested in one of your summer camps! Can you please email me with more information? Thank you kindly!


    1. Oh! Renaes mom!! Sorry! I have your address in my office – I can get that to you tomorrow for sure! Thanks Jodi!!
      FYI: parents will be invited to come for part of next weeks session


  4. Please send information on teens facing anxiety workshop. Thank you

    Hi Brandi – can you provide me with an email? Thanks


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